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Here i have linked my Lookbook account to a new blog by me, Helen Davison. Most of the 'looks' are me before college! please take a look and remember to hype or comment if you like what you see :) happy days xxxxx **SCROLL DOWN** xxxxx

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Having a lil break!

Im having a little break from uploading looks on lookbook and updating this blog due to being very busy with a level work and launching my online clothing label Original Attire.

I will be back soon when i have more time on my hands!
please dont hesitate to check out www.originalattire.co.uk


Friday, 15 April 2011


If you don't already know this is a great website where people upload there day-to-day 'looks' for anyone and everyone to admire and take inspiration from.

I aspire to work in the Fashion Insustry, post completing my A levels and hopefully gaining a degree along the lines of fashion design at uni.

Through lookbook and this blog, i intend to post looks that i have put togeather and photographed, aswell as displaying some of the fashion garments and accessories that i have made.

 ENJOY! &follow :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

dream catch me when i fall, or else i won't come back at all


denim daywear

Summer floral and denim

Belts bringing in baggy

havent posted a look in ages! we are cow